Tuition & Fees

ICBM presents a highly valuable education at a very nominal and reasonable tuition.

Tuition fees are currently set at $100 USD per course.

Tuition rates are ‘locked in’* to the current rate at the time of program admission, meaning that students will pay the same tuition rate for the duration of one’s studies in the program.

ICBM facilitators are not paid at this time. All tuitions & fees are currently being used to help develop the curriculum and support the online learning environment.

Below is the current tuition/fee schedule:

Admission Term:Tuition Rate:Graduation Fee:
Winter 2018 - Fall 2018$100 USD / course$100 USD

* ‘Locked-in’ rates are limited to 1st enrollment only. Students who re-enroll in courses due to previous course failure or withdrawal will be required to pay the current tuition rate. Additionally, students who remain unregistered for 2 or more consecutive semesters will be considered ‘inactive’ and will lose their ‘locked-in’ tuition rate.