Certificate of Buddhist Ministry

Completing the full ICBM program requires 3 years of full-time study.

In order to complete the full program within 3 years, students will need to be enrolled full-time (3 courses/semester). Students that decide to study part-time will require additional time to complete the program.

To earn a Certificate of Buddhist Ministry, ICBM requires students to earn a minimum of 54 credits (17 courses & Capstone Project).

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will receive:

  1. A Certificate of Buddhist Ministry from the Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Ministry.
  2. An Official Transcript, detailing completed courses.
  3. Access to the ICBM Alumni Network (communicate and network  with previous cohorts, access ministerial resources.)

ICBM does not confer ordination and does not guarantee Certificates of Ministry will be recognized by any civil or governmental organizations and/or entities. Licensure and ordination are reserved for professional & denominational bodies which grant such privileges.