Course Drop Withdrawal

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Official Course Drop Withdrawal Form

This form is for students requesting to drop or withdraw from a course.

Courses will not be dropped without this form being submitted.

Course Drops occurring within the first week will be eligible for a 100% tuition refund.

Withdrawals occurring within the 2nd week of a course will appear as a “W” (withdrawal) grade in the official transcript. No refund will be issued for courses withdrawn in the 2nd week.

Withdrawals will not be accepted after the beginning of the 3rd week.

Students enrolled in courses beyond the 2nd week will be issued a grade for the course.

Please consult with course facilitators before completing this form as withdrawals will not be reversed.

Please note that course access will be immediately revoked once the withdrawal request has been processed. This includes access to course syllabi, didactic content/links, attachments, and course forum access.

Students wishing to re-register for courses that had previously been withdrawn will be required to pay the current tuition rate.  


By submitting this form, I confirm that I have selected the correct courses I wish to withdraw. I understand that once this form is submitted, that course withdrawals cannot be undone.