Inclusion Policy

Our Commitment to Diversity

ICBM has a strong commitment to diversity in all of its forms. Diversity is central to contemplative learning & service and our core values. The Institute continually works toward strengthening diversity in all of its learning environments, student support, and related institutional policy.

Situations may arise that do not reach the level of harassment, but raise concerns relating to underrepresented populations. Examples include lack of sensitivity by faculty, staff, or students to gender, racial/ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, physical or mental able-ness or ageism viewpoints; offensive content in the curriculum; classroom concerns or issues; inaccessibility of resources; etc.

Concerns about any member of the faculty, the curriculum, or other students should be brought to the attention of the ICBM Administration. Those in responsible positions will work with the parties involved to seek a satisfactory resolution of the concern.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

ICBM affirms its commitment to equality of opportunity for all persons. In a society that relies on an informed, educated citizenry, no one should be denied the opportunity to attain his or her fullest potential. It is therefore the policy of ICBM that no person shall be discriminated against based on race, sex, age, physical or mental able-ness, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, marital status, or veteran status. The institute shall strive to build a community that welcomes and honors all persons and that provides equal opportunity in learning. The institute shall affirmatively follow the provisions of applicable state and federal anti-discrimination legislation in all of its activities and programs.

Course Facilitators, staff, students and non-student users of institute services who believe their rights have been violated may seek a resolution of the problem through ICBM Administration. Complaints will be processed equitably and in a timely manner.

Commitment to Universal Learning & Inclusion

ICBM is committed to the principle of universal learning. This means that our virtual spaces, our practices, and our interactions are intended to be as inclusive as possible. Mutual respect, civility, and the ability to listen carefully to the needs of others is crucial to universal learning.

Any student with particular needs should contact their course facilitator, or an ICBM administrator, at the start of the semester. All such notifications and arrangements shall be confidential between the student and the Course Facilitator/ICBM staff.