Prospective Students

Although ICBM is primarily designed for those individuals currently functioning and serving as a Buddhist teacher, minister, or priest within diverse and contemporary communities; ICBM is also for anyone that may be interested in Buddhism, or a Buddhist approach to ministry and spiritual care.

Courses are also appropriate and available to those individuals studying and preparing for Buddhist ministry, who are yet to be ordained/licensed/authorized.

Since ICBM is a graduate level program, academic competency equivalent to that of a baccalaureate graduate is strongly recommended for admission. While evidence of holding a baccalaureate degree is preferred, the absence of a degree will not necessarily be a disqualifying condition for admission. 

Completing the full ICBM program and curriculum requires 3 years of full-time study.

The ICBM curriculum focuses on supporting students to meet and exceed carefully crafted Outcomes & Competencies requisite for a competent, confident, and compassionate ministerial presence.

Our course catalog offers 18 core courses, organized into five distinct categories. Every ICBM course has been carefully designed and planned to align with the Outcomes & Competencies.

ICBM’s Outcomes & Competencies are derived from our core values and mission to facilitate contemplative learning that helps one to achieve a more competent, confident, and compassionate ministerial presence through practicing good ethical behavior that helps to alleviate suffering of all beings without discrimination.

Download the ICBM Student Handbook & Course Catalog