Credit System

ICBM utilizes two types of assessment scales, a 32-point numeric scale (4.0 scale) and a binary Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory scale. There is also a third option to audit courses.

Some courses may grant students the option to choose their preferred assessment scale.

In such courses, students will declare their assessment scale preference at the beginning of the semester.

ICBM issues non-accredited academic credit according to the following scales:

  • 32-point system of numerical grades 1.0 through 4.0, by tenths, and a no credit grade of 0.0.

    Where conversion of numeric grades to letter grades is necessary, ICBM recommends the following scale:  3.6-4.0 = A;  3.0-3.5 = B;  2.0-2.9 = C;  1.0-1.9 = D;  0.0 = F.

  • S = Satisfactory. Signifying at least a grade of 3.0 or higher, carries course credit.

    U = Unsatisfactory. Does not carry course credit.

  • Audit Option

    Does not offer course credit, written work is not assessed, credit-seeking students receive feedback priority.

    The following letter grades are also used:

    I = Incomplete. Required work was not completed within the time limit for the course. Students are allowed a maximum of 8 weeks to complete the course, subject to instructor approval. Capstone Projects may receive one incomplete extension and must be completed within one year from initial enrollment, subject to committee approval.

    IP = Course in Progress.

    R = Temporary mark assigned by ICBM in the absence of a grade from the Course Facilitator.

    W = Official Withdrawal.

    Z = Audit — No credit given.

    Academic Transcripts are accessible in the Student Dashboard approximately 3 weeks after the end of the semester.

Courses offered in the Fall and Winter semesters are designated for 3 Credit Hours.